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Our Services (part 1)

Advice on Site Selection

From our extensive experience of ecological issues in development, we can provide initial advice for projects to identify likely ecological issues that could be raised and how those might be managed.

Survey Planning and Design

With a strong background in survey design and implementation, we can advice on likely survey requirements including detailed methods and timescales, in light of current guidance from nature conservation agencies and our ‘on-the-ground’ experience.

Survey Implementation

We have an extensive survey team available to undertake a full range of ecological surveys. Further details on our survey capability are given here.

Ecological Risk Assessment

We can provide detailed advice on the ecological risks that a development may be likely to face, and how those risks might be managed.

Ecological Impact Assessment

We are one of the most experienced ecological consultancies in the UK in the assessment of renewable energy projects, and have produced over 150 ecological assessments for Environmental Statements.

Advice on Ecological Mitigation

Many of the projects on which we have worked have required ecological mitigation measures to be designed and implemented, so we are well- placed to advise on how ecological effects can be reduced and signficiant impacts avoided. We have particular experience in the development of Conservation Management Plans to resolve ecological issues and assist in the development of projects with no net nature conservation loss. More on our Services on the next page