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Ecology Consulting

Ecological Survey Capability

We are able to deliver a full range of ecological surveys, including all of the following. We have a UK-wide network of over 25 specialist surveyors that we work with.

Ornithological Surveys

Vantage Point Surveys Winter Walkover Survey (upland sites) Winter field count survey (lowland sites) Breeding Bird Survey Breeding Raptor Survey Other required specific key species breeding surveys Nocturnal surveys Offshore seabird surveys (to COWRIE and ESAS standards)

Habitat Surveys

Phase 1 Habitat Survey National Vegetation Classification Survey

Protected Species Surveys

Great Crested Newt Survey Badger Survey Otter and Water Vole Survey Reptile Survey Bat Surveys - full range of surveys to follow the current Bat Conservation Trust guidance, including habitat suitability, walkover transects, fixed point surveying and roost surveys. Other protected species, including red squirrel, pine marten and natterjack toad. Offshore Marine Mammal Surveys